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Acupuncture & Fatigue for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum

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Fatigue, Tiredness and Exhaustion

The initial weeks of pregnancy can be quite debilitating as the body adjusts to the hormone influxes and formation of the placenta.  Symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion reappear near the end of the pregnancy from the added pounds, lack of sleep or delayed engaging of the fetus. Women wake frequently to urinate or reposition and are, therefore,   unable to rest adequately. 
Chinese Medicine views these symptoms as qi and blood disharmonies of the yin organs, lung, spleen, heart and liver, which are responsible for the production of qi and blood. Recognizable symptoms of tiredness and fatigue are a weak voice, pale complexion, breathlessness, weak cough, fatigue worsened after eating, tired limbs, tiredness that follows stress, palpitations during activity, lack of vitality, poor memory, and emotional strains such as frustration, irritability or depression.  The body needs to be tonified to enable a more efficient formation of qi and vital substances to nourish both the mother and fetus. Activity is much better achieved with treatment.
 Pure exhaustion, as opposed to tiredness and fatigue, is a condition rooted in more complex disharmonies. Symptoms of pure exhaustion may be lower back ache, relief with warmth, history of miscarriages, consistent loose stools, feeling of afternoon heat of fever, palpitations of increased intensity or duration, insomnia, night sweats, anxiety, dizziness, blurred vision or dry cough. Treatment must be consistent to nourish blood, recover the production of qi and redirect undesirable direction of qi flow. Anemia or high blood pressure, if present, will be factored into the treatment plan. These conditions have priority and can be directly related to tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion.  A few sessions will allow a woman to feel energetic and more in control of choosing activities.

Patient Advice: Acupuncture for tiredness, fatigue and exhaustion are best for women who experience these symptoms in spite of their best efforts to maintain a healthy diet and routine relaxation and exercise. Women who listen and abide to their body’s need for rest and activity receive great benefits.
That being said, it is beneficial to consult with an Acupuncture Physician to be sure your regiment of activity and rest is best for your condition. Body constitution varies and certain activities for one women experiencing tiredness and fatigue may not be advantageous for others.
For example, a woman experiencing a yin deficiency would not benefit from more rest as her condition lacks vital activity. A yin deficiency is a condition lacking warmth, activity and motivation.  This women needs to nourish her body by activating her mind and body though mild exercise or meditation. Resting as home will exacerbate her original complaints of tiredness and fatigue.