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Amazing Births Antepartum Doula & Bedrest Support Services

What if you need help before the baby’s arrived, during pregnancy? What if you’re on bed rest, or you’re experiencing a difficult pregnancy and need extra support? Then, you want an Amazing Births antepartum doula.

  • Antepartum doulas are a newer kind of doula, specializing in supporting women going through a high-risk or difficult pregnancy.

    These unique services are available for women & couples who are experiencing a high risk or complicated pregnancy, including bedrest in or out of the hospital setting. Having this caring support during bedrest can help alleviate the stress, anxiety, worry, and physical complaints & limitations that sometimes come during special circumstances during pregnancy. Amazing Births doulas can help a new mother & her partner by –

    • cooking meals
    • light housework
    • sibling care
    • helping the mother organize things for the new baby
    • assistance with daily life as needed through a bed resting pregnancy
    • help with community referrals to local, state, and national support
    • most importantly, providing emotional and informational support

Each antepartum client's care plan depends on the pregnancy and particulars are discussed during initial assessment.


Additional supportive services available in your home from Amazing Births
• private childbirth education instruction
• specialized prenatal massage therapy
• specialized prenatal, individual & couples counseling
• loss, grief and high risk pregnancy support groups

“We are here to comfort you, care for you & gently nourish the wise woman that you are ”

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Antepartum doulas aren't’t just for women on bed rest, however. Teenage mother’s may want an antepartum doula to help support them through the difficult emotional challenges. Women who have many children and need extra support may hire an antepartum doula, as may a mother who experiences severe morning sickness.

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The birth of a baby is one of the most important and memorable times in a woman's life. This is an event that demands to be treated with respect.

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You deserve such an experience.

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