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Belly Casting
Celebrate your pregnancy! Belly casting will create an exact replica of your beautiful, pregnant belly at full term. The cast will be a lasting image of your pregnancy that can be painted, decorated or left in it's natural form. The cast can be done in the privacy of your home. Your partner and/or children are welcome to participate in the process should you desire. A Belly Cast is a permanent memory of something too special to forget... and too often forgotten.

Blessingway Ceremonies
In our culture there are so few ways to honor the mother to be. We make an attempt during baby showers, but for the most part this turns into a simple showering of gifts for the baby and does nothing for the mother in terms of the rite of passage she is about to go through. This sacred time in the mother's life deserves to be honored.

While baby showers can be more commercial in focus, the Blessingway serves up a refreshingly sharp contrast. There's no booty of pink and blue gifts. The Blessingway is about the woman we know best - our friend and sister, the mother-to-be. A Blessingway provides the mother with memories of a true show of support from the women in her life, and this….lasts much, much longer than those newborn sleepers.


As the mother-to-be imagine this........ Being surrounded by loved ones that nurture, honor and support you -- they adorn your head with flowers, massage and soothe your feet with a warm herbal foot bath, speak words of wisdom and comfort with a candle blessing, and bead a necklace for you that symbolizes their connection with your child throughout life. You are loved and taken care of by all who share in this moment. For this is the way - a Blessingway.

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