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Pregnancy, Birth and After Baby classes

Join us in our classroom for a variety of classes, groups & workshops led by skilled, knowledgeable and professional instructors. Our instructors share their expertise on topics such as health and wellness, childbirth preparation, parenting, breastfeeding, yoga and more. And be sure to see our ONLINE CALENDAR for even MORE prenatal and baby classses and up to prenatal-yoga1date schedule

Breastfeeding 101 | See schedule
This hands-on class is intended for pregnant women who are first time moms or moms who have not breastfed for a while. Practical and interactive, we’ll discuss how to overcome some of the challenges of breastfeeding faced by many women during the first weeks of motherhood.  In addition to learning how to enhance breast milk production, you’ll practice optimal baby positioning as well as relaxing postures to maintain comfort during breastfeeding. Dolls will be provided if you don’t have one of your own.

Naturopathic Care of Your Newborn | See schedule and register
For parents-to-be, this informative class offers valuable tips and remedies to provide relief of typical health issues your baby may experience from the first hours of life through the first few weeks after birth. Informal and wellness focused, we will discuss the primary concerns of parents including feeding times, diapers and diaper rashes, screening tests and vaccinations, circumcision, digestive variations and how to prevent colic.  The class also includes a copy of The Naturopathic Guidebook for Newborns.

Immunization Lecture | See schedule
Explore the risks and benefits of the vaccines your doctor is recommending for your child.  Learn about how the immune system develops from birth and how vaccinations affect your child’s ability to fight off disease.  Identify risk factors unique to your child and how you can best support your child’s health naturally with homeopathy, herbs and nutrition. 

Happy Children, Happy Home
A 6 Week Interactive Workshop Bring Forth Your Child’s Brightest Self , in Delray Beach with Carla Van Walsum,Ph.D c LSHC Essence-Coaching & Consulting: A Holistic Practice for Relationships Info 561.860.4883
As You Become the Parent you Aspire to Be! See our Calendar .
Gain new insights – you will learn:
*   Powerful communication tools
*   Release negative patterns
*   Resolve conflicts peacefully
*   Be free from past experiences that no longer serve you
*   Develop mutual respect, compassion and cooperation
*   Sessions provide role-play, opportunities to discuss: overindulging, over-scheduling, understanding your child’s temperament, gain respect, reduce frustration, embracing daily chores and more.

Beneficial Herbs for Pregnancy
The safe use of herbs during pregnancy has been practiced for many generations. They provide vitamins and minerals that strengthen a woman’s body and help prepare her for labor. Herbs can help alleviate common complaints, like heartburn or an overactive uterus.  For moms-to-be, doulas and midwives, this class focuses on the most effective herbs and when and how to use them for prenatal care.

Everything you wanted to know about birth plans, doulas, midwives, and birthing options.
Explore the birthing options available in our community. Discuss your options in choosing a birthing place. Learn tips for writing a birth guide that will be honored. Learn how to take an active role in creating a positive birth experience.

Prenatal Refresher for second time parents
Prepare for your upcoming birth with a review of breathing techniques, comfort measures and relaxation exercises.

Prenatal Yoga classes @ Amazing Births
See class schedule

How to be a Great Birth Companion
Create a positive birth experience for the entire family. Learn hands-on techniques for supporting a woman in labor. Receive instruction from certified doulas on comfort measures, emotional support, positioning advice, relaxation techniques and more.

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” ~ W. B. Yeats


Explore the benefits of commonly recommended essential oils for pregnancy, birth, mothering, and beyond. Create a custom made product to enjoy.

Belly Casting
Celebrate your pregnancy! This demonstration will teach the art of belly casting to create an exact replica of your beautiful, pregnant belly. The cast will be a lasting image of your pregnancy that can be painted, decorated, or left in its natural form. A permanent keepsake of something too special to forget! ( Materials will be available for sale at the class or you make can appointment to have one created.)

Herbs for Enhancing Fertility
The challenge for many women today is creating a healthy hormonal balance essential to becoming pregnant.  There are specific herbs that support normal, healthy function of your reproductive organs. During this informative and sensitive lecture, you’ll learn which herbs protect your adrenal glands from atrophy, which promote healthy cell growth in your thyroid and which will tonify your ovaries. If you would like to increase your chance for pregnancy this class will offer remedies and practices to help regulate your hormonal system.

Breastfeeding Support Group | See class schedule

Come join a FREE breastfeeding support group inside the cozy haven of the Red Tent! Held the first Tuesday of the month @10:30 am
We all know that breastfeeding is the best start we can give our babies (and it is good for our health too!)  But breastfeeding can be challenging at times and may not come naturally to most some of us. 
Often we can feel unsure and unsupported with no one to talk to about it.  Now there is somewhere to turn for support throughout your breastfeeding experience- from getting started with a newborn to questions about weaning.  This group is completely informal and a safe space to share stories, tips, frustrations, and ask questions of other breastfeeding mamas.  New moms and veteran nursers are welcome.  The group is coordinated by a breastfeeding mom of one-year old twins who often wished she could simply talk about the ups and downs of nursing with other women.




HypnoBirthing® method of Childbirth Education

Pillowology for Pregnancy coming soon....


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