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hypnobirthing testimonial for an amazing pregnancy and birth

To know the way ahead, ask those coming back. ~ Chinese Proverb

The Red Tent is the most amazing place! I recommend any and every mother-to-be at least one visit to this magical place. The hypnobirthing class is truly empowering and helped me have a completely natural, pain-free and medication-free birth, exactly as I had planned. Believe in your body's natural abilities! ~Joyce S. Boca Raton, FL

When I became pregnant with my first child I just assumed I would get the epidural like everybody else. Then, I met Lisa who suggested trying the Hypnobirthing method. I attended the classes, watched the videos and was hooked. I really learned how the body works during the birthing process and believed that I would be able to relax and be confident in my ability to birth my baby. When my water released, I immediately put on my tapes and began the relaxed breathing. I could feel surges but was in no pain. A few hours later the surges were coming closer together and felt stronger. I called Vivian to come over and by the time she arrived I was feeling the need to push. We arrived at the hospital and 20 minutes later I delivered my first son! I used the HypnoBirthing method with my second birth and had a very similar birth. Once again, my water released and I put on a CD and began doing my breathing. This time I decided to get to the hospital before I felt the need to push. I arrived at 7 centimeters dilated and was very relaxed. A few hours later my second son was born! With both deliveries I felt confident and relaxed. I would recommend HypnoBirthing to anyone.

~W B
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Dear Lisa : I thank you both for helping me have an unbelievable birth. My husband and I learned how to not fear the natural birth process in our Hypnobirthing classes taught by Lisa. This was the basis in understanding how beautiful and peaceful the natural birth can be. Lisa is very thorough and patient in her teaching style. Since I was having a breech baby, Lisa recommended Vivian for chiropractic sessions to help me turn our baby. The sessions with Vivian were amazingly relaxing. Even though our baby did not turn, We were introduced us to a midwife that empowered us to switch to a doctor skilled at natural vaginal breech births since my doctor wanted to schedule me for a C-section. Our meeting with the midwife happened the night before my membranes released. Because we followed our instinct and based on our knowledge gained from the Hypnobirthing classes, we felt confident to switch our doctor at the very last minute and, thankfully, he accepted us! Lisa was amazing during my birth as a doula and she helped me go through the surges in a totally relaxed and empowered manner, also thanks to Hypnobirthing techniques I had been practicing for a couple of months prior to that moment. My mother and husband were also present and they were quickly believers when they witnessed a totally relaxing birth experience in spite of the complication of having a breech birth. As it turned out, my labor went unusually fast mainly due to the fact the doctor administered Pitocin and that I was very relaxed through the surges. From the time they administered Pitocin to the time I gave birth, it had only been 2 hours, which even the doctor and attending nurses were surprised to see for a first birth. I remember feeling our baby wanting to come into the world and after a surge, one foot came out. Shortly after that, the other came out. At that time, the doctor and nurses arrived and realized that I was fully dilated and it was time for our baby to be born. After two pushes, Lili was born! Our experience is special and one that I will never forget in my life. Hypnobirthing, Lisa was very instrumental in helping and supporting me to believe it could be this way in spite of a breech presentation. The experience helped me realize and believe that you should trust yourself and your body and allow it to do what it is naturally meant to do. Fred, Lili and I thank you for helping us have a wonderful birth experience. :-)
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Emmanuelle at 9cm!

The HypnoBirthing class was great. It provided time for my husband and me to be together and be excited and focused on our soon-to-be new baby. It was such an education to hear all of the different types of births you could have. So many people focus only on the outcome of labor and this class and daily practices allowed us the opportunity to dream about and visualize what the actual experience would be like. Staying present during the experience was something we were committed to do.
~Adrienne , Coral Springs