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Holistic Care for Safe, Gentle Healing

Holistic Wellness Consultation

A holistic wellness consultation is ideal for any chronic health concern and for sudden ailments that come up during pregnancy or at any other time in life.  Instead of focusing on symptoms, a holistic wellness consultation identifies the underlying cause of imbalance and creates a path to health.  Utilizing natural therapies, there are fewer side effects along with relief of symptoms because our bodies recognize the natural remedies that provide a gentle, non-invasive approach to healing the whole body.  Everyone reacts to stressors on their health differently.  This consultation will reveal your specific tendencies for imbalance on physical, mental, emotional or spiritual levels.  A customized plan will indicate if herbs, flower essences, hydrotherapy, guided imagery, exercise, vitamin and mineral supplements or a combination of these will best fit you and your symptoms to help you achieve optimal health. 

Homeopathic consultation

A 1½ hour homeopathic consultation consists of an exploration of what your discomforts are and who you are as a whole individual.  Homeopathy is truly holistic in that the smallest details of your life help point to a remedy that can enhance your health on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  During your interview you will be asked to describe, in as much detail as possible, the reason why you are seeking a consultation.  Your preferences for food, weather and activities will be discussed as well as identifying your fears, dreams, sleep patterns and thoughts in varying contexts.  The focus is on supporting and strengthening your natural immune response so that your body heals itself.  The goal is to experience an overall improvement in health. 

Nutritional consultation

This consultation focuses on what your current nutritional intake is and what foods may be contributing to your current health status.  A holistic nutritional consultation is different from other approaches in that you not only learn about how food affects your physical health but how it affects your mood, hormonal balance, mental clarity and concentration.  You will discover which foods you may have an allergy to or intolerance for.  We individualize your nutritional needs and your health goals.  We discuss ways to improve your overall sense of well-being through diet with the possible use of herbal supplements.  This process may include a period of detoxification and you may experience weight loss as a side effect to your improved nutritional intake.  You will learn how to incorporate healthy food choices into your lifestyle so that eating healthy becomes an easy and joyful habit. 

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