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Frequently asked question about natural & holistic wellness

How is natural medicine beneficial during pregnancy?
How do herbs support women’s health during pregnancy?
What is homeopathy and how does it work?
How can homeopathy help a newborn?
How can natural remedies increase the chance of conceiving? 

(Help with infertility)

Holistic wellness is an approach to providing wellbeing for pregnant woman, babies and children.  Incorporating herbal remedies, homeopathy and nutrition, natural holistic care strengthens the body’s resiliency while providing highly effective relief for common complaints during sudden and chronic conditions. 

For pregnant women the body is in a constant state of flux, adapting to rapid growth and hormonal changes in unexpected ways.  Holistiic care provides a safe, gentle form of healing to common ailments including nausea, insomnia, mood swings, cramping, heartburn, restless leg, headaches & urinary tract infection.  

For some infants birth trauma is a side effect of the birth process.  When treated soon after birth, natural therapeutics can promote easier breastfeeding while reducing muscle strain, colic, jaundice, constipation and other conditions of this tender phase of life.

For growing children, creating a strong foundation of health is essential to develop long-term vitality.   Utilizing a natural approach to healing, holistic care can minimize or alleviate allergies, viral and bacterial infections such as earaches and skin conditions while strengthening their immune system.

Maintain health in body, mind, emotions and spirit through the use of natural therapies



How is natural medicine beneficial during pregnancy?

During the course of a pregnancy many women experience colds, flu’s, muscle aches and pains that they did not have when they were not pregnant.  Many doctors will say it is simply a symptom of pregnancy and that it will end when the baby is born.  Although this may be true, there are times when a change in diet or supporting the body with natural therapies can dramatically alter discomfort for a pregnant woman. 


How do herbs support women’s health during pregnancy?

Many prescription and over-the counter drugs are prohibited during pregnancy because of their unwanted side effects.  When chosen appropriately, selected herbs can reduce common ailments related to pregnancy and boost your body’s natural immune function to create a more easeful pregnancy.


What is homeopathy and how does it work?

Homeopathy is the use of plants and minerals to restore balance in the body.  Homeopathic remedies are made from highly diluted substances that stimulate your body’s natural healing response.  It is used to alleviate symptoms from colds, allergies, digestive complaints, skin disturbances and many other conditions. By stimulating a natural immune response, your body is better able to create antibodies, decrease inflammation and remove toxins that are blocking your natural healthy state.  Instead of suppressing the body’s symptoms, that are a sign of imbalance, the body is able to let go of unnecessary build-up of cellular waste products.  This process happens by shifting the energetic structure of the body.

How can homeopathy help a newborn?

Birth can be a long, tiring journey for moms and babies.  Every child has his or her own entry into this world and some can be traumatic for the newborn.  Depending on the circumstances of the birth, whether there was a long pushing stage, a shoulder dystocia or an instrumental or cesarian delivery, these can leave an imprint on your child.  Homeopathy can help to realign your newborn’s energy so that he or she can enjoy good health from the beginning of life.


How can natural remedies increase the chance of conceiving?  (Help with infertility)

Natural holistic care focuses on removing obstacles to health and restoring your reproductive system to optimal wellness.  Removing toxins (through detoxification programs), while strengthening all your hormonal systems (with herbs) as well as increasing key fatty acids (through nutrition) will help regulate your hormonal balance and increase your possibility of conception. 


Supporting health by eliminating obstacles to optimal wellness