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Amazing Births announces the conception and birth of a collective dream, Its time has come.

The Red Tent ~ a healing arts center for women

"Blending Ancient Feminine wisdom With Modern Science"

Since ancient times women have gathered by choice inside the warm cozy space of the Red Tent to heal their bodies, revive their spirits, dream mystical dreams and renew their innate feminine power. Women gathered together, relieved of their daily responsibilities and were cared for by women. Sheltered inside the Red Tent during their cycles of birthing, menses and times of transformation, and honoring the cycles of the moon, they celebrated, healed, transformed and shared their wisdom. 

We have expanded our Space & Spirit! The women, services and support at Amazing Births are now nestled safely inside
The Red Tent

Now, when you visit Amazing Births you are also inside The Red Tent~ healings arts for women...A 1,250 sq ft sanctuary and garden for healing the whole woman: body, mind, heart and soul in all cycles of life.

The Red Tent is a full-featured women's wellness boutique & healing arts center like no other. Ancient healing practices are artfully blended and integrated with the edge of science for the purpose of supporting women during

  • fertility, conception, pregnancy & birth
  • pain and disease
  • depression and anxiety
  • general women's health
  • menopause adjustment, and more

Our acclaimed staff of wise women practitioners heal with acupuncture, Chinese & herbal medicine, nutrition & homeopathy, massage & manual therapies, chiropractic care, yoga, mind / body therapies, women's workshops & groups,special couples workshops, and  much more, all offered to you in the serene, warm & comforting space here inside The Red Tent, healing the whole woman, mind, body & spirit. 

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We welcome you for a cup of tea, to enjoy a treatment, browse the boutique, take a yoga or belly dancing class...Explore!

Please support us by sharing the good news, and sharing The Red Tent with your sisters, mothers, friends and doctors.

We are so very honored and excited to serve women even more, as we have become South Florida's premier provider of holistic therapies for all aspects of women's health thanks to you!

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