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During pregnancy, acupuncture can help:

•  Relieve morning sickness, nausea and vomiting & selfcare tips

•  Alleviate back pain.

•  Prevent miscarriage.

•  Correct a breech presentation.

•  Insomnia & self care tips

•  Fatigue & self care tips

•  Induce labor (when the time is right).

•  Help with postpartum pain and depression.

•  Regulate lactation.


Decrease the chances of miscarriage and increase the rate of live birth.


Edema, swelling

Colds, flus & coughs


Urinary Tract Infection

Heart Palpitations

Gestational Diabetes

Frequently Asked Questions

Most women are surprised and relieved to learn that acupuncture needles are very thin—unlike hypodermic needles which are thick and hollow. Acupuncturists can attain a high level of skill in gently placing these tiny needles and often the insertion is barely perceptible. The needles are usually inserted only several millimeters in depth—also very unlike hypodermic injections. As such, patients generally do not feel the painful piercing or pricking sensation typically associated with an injection, blood sample, or other medical needle procedure. We use only disposable needles.

Your first treatment is approximately 1.5 hours and involves an initial consultation in which a diagnosis is made and we determine which TCM treatments are right for you. After the initial consultation, we generally move right into a first treatment during the same visit. Follow-up visits consist of a much shorter intake/diagnosis period before treatment, and on average last 30 to 45 minutes.

Yes, it is required that acupuncture physicians follow strict sterilization procedures. More importantly, needles today are used once and then disposed accordingly. We use only disposable needles.

Moxibustion is the burning of a Chinese herb, ai ye, also know as mugwort. The herb is burned and a concentrated heat is applied to acupoints.. The heat penetrates the superficial layers of the skin and has a very strong tonifying effect. The heat increases circulation of both qi and blood. It’s a great adjunct to many treatments as it is noninvasive. In fact, moxa can be a treatment for elderly patients that cannot be needled due to their weak constitution. There are many forms of moxa, all produce a calming aroma.

Patients should eat before coming for an acupuncture treatment and should wear comfortable clothes. You should be prepared to refrain from rigorous exercise for at least two hours before and after treatment.

We will ask a variety of questions regarding your specific complaint and general health. We will use Traditional Chinese diagnostic methods including radial pulse reading and tongue diagnosis. The initial consultation includes a standard health history not unlike at a medical doctor’s office. You will need to fill out a few forms that I provide you. If you wish, you may download the forms and fill them out at home before you come in. Whatever first treatment is appropriate will be done immediately following the initial consultation.

During acupuncture, full attention will be given to help you relax and receive the most value from the treatment. After each needle is inserted, you may feel nothing, or sometimes a vague numbness, heaviness, or slight tingling. However, the treatment is effective whether these feelings are sensed or not. The needles will be left in for 20-30 minutes while you relax with soothing music in a warm room. After the treatment, you may experience a relaxing euphoric feeling.