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Blissborn is a Hypnosis for Birth class for couples, that teaches you how to use the power of your OWN mind to experience a calm, peaceful often completely natural birth.

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We welcome you and invite you to prepare yourself for the peaceful birth you and your baby deserve. All of us here at Amazing Births know peaceful, comfortable births are possible, we see them everyday. Yes that’s right PEACEFUL, normal, natural COMFORTABLE births!
This program teaches you deep relaxation with the use of self hypnosis techniques, which happens to be a very natural state of being. When a birthing woman is relaxed, stress hormones are reduced, endorphins are increased and less pain is experienced, it’s that simple.

You want a calm, natural birth and you know that with the right support, you’re capable.

So imagine this…

Before your labor starts, you find that you’re actually excited about labor and birth. You feel prepared and confident. You understand the process and you are very sure about what you want and why. You have been doing your homework, which is all about relaxing, deeply and profoundly, and you feel great. You have tools and information.

When your labor starts it is slow and easy and you feel deeply connected to your partner. He or she knows exactly how to help, and you move around, feeling relaxed and at ease. Things move quickly.

As labor progresses you find your rhythm. You often look like you’re sleeping. You’re not asleep, though — you are in control, present, and deeply relaxed. In fact, you’re so relaxed that your muscles work together, efficiently and easily opening. You are mostly comfortable and you feel calm. You open your eyes and move around and smile. In often less than five hours of active labor, your baby is born. You feel energetic and connected to your body, your baby, and your partner. Your baby is calm and alert and healthy. You feel empowered. You are proud and happy and all is right with the world. Everyone is ecstatic, smiling, calm, and happy.

Does this sound good?

This is a typical Blissborn labor. In fact, more than 85% of our moms give birth naturally in less than five hours.
If you want a calmer, easier, natural labor and birth, Blissborn is your best bet.

Blissborn is the only class you’ll need

Doulas and other partners are welcome to attend for free! Five 2-hour classes for you and your partner, plus:

•  234-page manualThis will be your go-to guide! Packed with info about your pregnancy and birth, hypnosis, your baby, your body, your mind … it’s well-organized and fun to read, and full of the latest footnoted and modern information.•  6 practice recordingsOne for each class, plus a bonus CD for labor. Practice with a CD about 20 minutes a day to become an expert at instantly gettng into that relaxed state–the more you practice the better you get! Everyone can do it.

Free experiential one hour Intro

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  • Free introduction to the most potent natural pain reliever known to humanity: Hypnosis Join us for a fun, insightful Blissborn Hypnosis for birth class exploration, Q and A and a Joyful Pregnancy guided Mediation with Lisa Kelly, founder of the Red Tent Healing Arts. more information about this empowering Birth class for couples
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Virtual Live, Small group classes on Zoom

$ 299
  • Includes info-packed 234-page Blissborn Parent Manual, six Blissborn practice cds and and expert instruction with Lisa Kelly founder of amazing Births & The Red Tent.
  • Class manual and materials will be mailed to you upon full paid registration
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Small group classes @ The Red Tent Per Couple

$ 340
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Private instruction virtual or In person

$ 899
  • Private one on one instruction with Lisa Kelly. Like having your very own pregnancy doula, These classes will be at your convenience.
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Blissborn Classes & Partners

When expectant mothers who have supportive partners that want to be involved in the preparation for their baby’s birth, Blissborn Birth Hypnosis classes provide the tools for them to do so with confidence!

It’s not unusual for Birth Partners to be skeptical at first about childbirth hypnosis, or concerned that the expectant mother will simply listen to hypnosis tracks, leaving them without a significant role during birth.

Blissborn Birth Partners soon learn that their concerns were unfounded when they discover in class one that hypnosis is a normal state of mind that people experience everyday, throughout their day and that they now will learn the secrets to helping her relax and stay in control with a very hands-on role in the process of preparing the mover for an easier, more comfortable birth.

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