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Our approach to childbirth is based on a deep belief in and respect for the process of labor and birth, the inherent wisdom, intuition and strength of women and the possibility of great transformation and love available to the family through childbirth.

What Amazing Births Doulas Bring to Your Baby’s Birth

Whether you choose to pursue natural or medicated childbirth, the caring professionals at Amazing Births will work with you, to prepare you and nurture you. We offer experience and specialized care uniquely designed to give you the confidence and support you need during this special time.

At Amazing Births, we believe in birth preparation. Education, guidance and support are essential to your desired outcome, especially when you are choosing to pursue a natural birth. Therefore, we don’t just show up for your birth.

Before labor begins, we create a trusting bond, incorporating what you already know about how to give birth with our understanding of the mental, physical, and emotional elements. We understand that at times the journey to motherhood can be overwhelming, we are here to help make your journey an amazing one!
Although traditionally associated with natural births, Doula services can be very beneficial for women who chose to utilize medical pain relief and/or medical intervention in preparing for their births. At Amazing Births, we believe in honoring your choices and supporting them. There is sometimes a misconception that medical intervention will allow for a birth experience that is painless and easy. The reality catches many women off-guard and leaves them feeling especially vulnerable. We want to help you feel in control. Our doulas can help guide you through the unpredictability of labor and through the birth, effectively alleviating fearful and isolating situations.
We offer continual comfort and care. In fact, studies prove that women who receive doula support through the various stages of labor have more positive outcomes – physically, emotionally, and mentally. At Amazing Births we will provide whatever you need to have a positive birth experience.

Every Amazing Births Client Receives the Following:

•   An initial consultation to ensure that we are the right match for your birth expectations. There is no charge for this consultation.

•   1-2 meetings with your birth support team to discuss (and develop) your birth guide and the needs of each person involved

•   24-hour phone assistance.

•   Professional labor support at your home and at your chosen birthing site.

•   Photography of your labor and the birth (optional)

•   Breast-feeding support for your baby’s first latch-on.

•   Postpartum follow-up. Includes breast-feeding observation and support, answering questions you may have about your birth and of course admiring your new baby! We’ll help ease the transition as you welcome your newborn into your family.

During labor, you can expect massage, visualization, help with relaxation, aromatherapy, body pampering, and informational support, etc.


Pricing for Doula services range from $975 – $1,300. Doula services for fees less than $850 may be available and are for wonderful qualified doulas who are seeking more experience or labor doula certification. Please call our center to inquire about doulas for a lesser fee.

Next Step…

Call (561)865-5791 or email us with any questions or book a Peaceful Birth consultation. to schedule a complimentary consultation for doulas services. We will be happy to answer all of your questions about doula services, birthing options and explain what makes Amazing Births so unique!


Dads & Doulas

The baby’s father plays an essential role in providing support for the baby’s mother. A doula cannot make some of the unique contributions that the partner makes. Such contributions include an intimate knowledge of the woman, and his love for her and the baby. As doulas, we are not there instead of the partner. It has been found that a doula compliments the role of the partner. Some Dads may feel overwhelmed with the expectations to be instant experts and decision makers in regards to childbirth. That type of expectation is unrealistic for anyone who has little prior knowledge of birth or medical procedures. With this expectation, some partners can feel helpless and distressed and are not able to provide the confident reassurance and constant nurturing that a woman in labor needs. With a doula present, the pressure on the partner is decreased and they are able to participate at their own level of comfort. Partners often feel relieved when they know they have a doula there to help them and they actually enjoy the experience much more!

Childbirth is an emotional and spiritual experience with long-term impact on a woman’s personal well-being. A doula is constantly aware that the mother and her partner will remember this experience throughout their lives.

By “mothering the mother” during childbirth the doula supports the parents in having a positive and memorable birth experience.

We are here to comfort you, care for you and gently nourish the wise woman that you are…..