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prenatal yoga community at The Red Tent
Prenatal Kundalini Yoga with Lisa Kelly at The Red Tent

Prepare your mind and body for
the birth you truly want.

Enjoying The Journey to Motherhood

Yoga During Pregnancy can be one of the single most stress reducing activity during Pregnancy

Starting or continuing a practice of yoga during your pregnancy is one of the best ways to have a peaceful pregnancy and birth.
At The red Tent, we pride ourselves on offering only the best programs that have proven over time to help improve dramatically the emotional and physical health of pregnant women and babies. If you do nothing else to prepare for your birth attending a prenatal yoga class with us is a MUST!

Our prenatal Yoga classes are relaxed and casual. No previous yoga experience is needed, whether you are an experienced yogi or your first class, have no fear, you feel right at home here in our studio and in the company of other pregnant women to share your journey through motherhood. This type of yoga creates a different experience every time you visit.

You may begin prenatal yoga at any month of pregnancy, and is safe from the first trimester to the last.

Classes at The Red Tent are taught by Lisa Kelly, Founder and holistic care provider, doula of 30 years or another birth professional, not just a “yoga teacher” this gives your experience at The Red Tent a truly supported circle of sisterhood and the place to experience everything we used to have when we lived in close tribal communities with wise women to ask questions and other women to mentor you.

Not near our studio in Boca Raton /Delray Beach/Boynton Beach? Click here for a list of Amazing Birth Partners that offer prenatal yoga classes. (Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami Dade Florida)

Yoga Class Pricing

First class

$ 8
  • Special offer! Use code: newmama at checkout to save $10 from regular class price
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Single Class

$ 18
  • Regular pricing for one class. Pick your class date at checkout
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5 Classes

$ 75
  • Special Package of 5 Classes. Save over $15, come on any date
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10 Classes

$ 130
  • Special Package with 10 Classes
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Kundalini Yoga for pregnancy, provides effective and useful yogic tools to:

  • Remain meditative, unprovoked, peaceful throughout pregnancy, elevating both you and your unborn child
  • Care for your body so you can better enjoy the pregnancy journey
  • Maintain and develop your flexibility and strength to be set for birthing
  • Prepare your mind and body for birthing
  • Improve your relationship with your partner

Want the Music We Play in our Prenatal Yoga Classes?

Visit our Must Haves Page for a list of songs we play and some other prenatal products we may discuss in class.

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