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Lisa Kelly, LMT, doula, Yoga

Owner & Founder, LMT
Lisa Kelly, LMT, doula, Yoga
Lisa is the Owner and Founder of The Red Tent Healing Arts Center and it’s sister site Amazing Births. She brings 30+ years as a licensed massage therapist to her work with women & families.
She specializes in women’s reproductive health, pre and postpartum massage therapy, energy medicine and many other healing modalities. Lisa is an Arvigo® of maya abdominal massage practitioner, a (DONA) trained birth doula since 2001, Hypnobirthing Practitioner(2001), Blissborn Instructor (2010), Conscious Pregnancy® Yoga instructor, and has great insight into the mind/body connection.
Lisa is faculty at The Arvigo Institute and has presented at Nova Southestern University School of Osteopathic medicine on gentle birth and holistic women’s health practices.
Expectant Mothers and couples take Lisa’s classes because she holds a passionate belief in the innate wisdom of women’s bodies and believes that a gentle, safe birth is every baby’s birthright. She is dedicated to supporting families in their birthing decisions, bringing a calm and comforting presence to labor and birth.
She brings her many years attending births in the home and hospital and the hands on experience that comes from so much intimate time with birthing families and the spiritual, emotional and physical process to everything she does and shares freely in her guidance and education in her classes.
Lisa’s clients describe her as both calming presence and knowledgeable. She calls on her knowledge, experience and love of the birthing process in all of her work.
MORE from Lisa:“ I am still seeking- just like you might be right now, but I’m blessed to be able to say that if I knew I only had 3 months to live, I wouldn’t change a thing about my life. ”

Lisa’s practice is focused solely on women’s reproductive health, fertility, prenatal postpartum manual therapies and has a special interest and training in the mind/body connection and care and treatment of women victims of sexual and domestic violence and the effect of emotional and sexual abuse on the childbearing year & women’s health.

She teaches Blissborn childbirth Education, Kundalini Yoga, Maya Abdominal Massage and her own classes for professionals on Pelvic Hydrotherapy and hydrosols and herbs for Women’s health and wellness.

Lisa is an active member of the MAIA Abdominal massage Association, and KRI (Kundalini Yoga Research Institiute) and teaches prenatal yoga and yoga for women’s health.

LIC # MA 8655