Doula Support

for a positive and empowering
birth experience.

We are here to comfort you, care for you
and gently nourish the wise woman that you are.


Prenatal yoga class

Prenatal Yoga

Prepare your mind and body for
the birth you truly want.



Preconception & Fertility

Enhance your fertility & pregnancy naturally with massage,
bodywork & mind body therapies


Prenatal massage

Relax, energize, and release discomfort

by an experienced, licensed massage therapist and tailored
to the unique needs of you, the mother-to-be.


Welcome to Amazing Births

Amazing Births is a Prenatal Studio located inside The Red Tent healing arts center, offering Prenatal Yoga, Prenatal Massage by some of the most experienced therapists in the area and more essentials for a Peaceful Pregnancy and Empowered Birth. South Florida’s leading provider of integrative care for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

Pregnancy Doula

Our doulas can help guide you through the unpredictability of pregnancy, labor and through the birth, effectively alleviating fearful and isolating situations.

Prenatal Yoga

No previous yoga experience is needed, whether you are an experienced yogi or your first class, have no fear, you feel right at home here in our studio and in the company of other pregnant women to share your journey through motherhood. (prenatal yoga classes are held at Strong Wellness, Boca Raton)

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We offer acupuncture for Conception, Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum. During pregnancy, acupuncture can help many pregnancy symptoms. )Prenatal acupuncture temporarily not available)

Prenatal massage at Amazing Births-the Red Tent FloridaPrenatal Massage

If you are looking for the most experienced staff for your massage during pregnancy, look no further. We specialize in hands on care throughout the childbearing year. We are dedicated to the premise that all women deserve personal care and attention tailored to their individual needs.

Blissborn: Birth Hypnosis

This program teaches you deep relaxation with the use of self hypnosis techniques, which happens to be a very natural state of being.

Preconception & Fertility

Our practice offers many types of massage, bodywork & mind / body therapies that can be beneficial while planning to conceive.

Choose Your Service and Prepare for a Peaceful Birth

More Reasons To Visit Us

Community Connection

Come and join us and other expectant mothers inside the Red Tent studio, deeply relax and meditate, and reconnect with yourself. Schedule

Stress Relief

Our holistic approach will provide you with the tools for healthier living, conception, pregnancy, birth & motherhood. We will help you design a plan to improve your wellbeing, and deliver just the right services to achieve your goals in the kindest most caring way possible.


We welcome you and invite you to prepare yourself for the peaceful birth you and your baby deserve. All of us here at Amazing Births knows peaceful, comfortable births are possible we see them everyday. Book a Class with us today.

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